The Kindness Rocks Project, More Than Painted Rocks

Featured Image Artist: Ramona Tyler of Be a Lil’ Boulder

If you haven’t heard about this latest viral craze, then get ready for some happiness!

The Kindness Rocks Project is a simple concept, based off of random acts of kindness. Something that our world needs more of, especially in light of all the recent terrorist attacks. All you do is find a rock, paint it, decorate it, put a happy expression or quote on it, and hide it for someone else to find in the hopes that it brightens up their day.

Over the last few months, I had started hearing about it, specifically from my 13-year-old daughter after spending a weekend with her dad. She was really excited about it and was on a mission to find rocks she could paint and then hide for someone else to find. Painting rocks quickly became all of my daughter’s favorite thing to do. Everywhere we go, they’re looking for a rock they can stick in their pocket to take home and paint later.

Ramona Tyler - Be a Lil Boulder

There’s something about this that sucks people of all ages into this rock painting. It’s a way to express creativity while also providing a selfless act of kindness. I’ve seen so many skilled and talented artists spend their time and energy into putting such a good feeling out into the world. Surely they will have plenty of good karma.

Watch the video below and see how The Kindness Rocks Project got its start.

If you’re on Facebook, you can check out groups in your local area for rock painting, there are some groups that are small and local, while others may be larger. Some groups are specifically for those with a naughtier sense of humor and those rocks get placed at adult-only locations or where small children won’t see them.

No matter what kind of rocks you paint or find, there’s something for everyone. Check out a few of these groups to get you started with some rock painted inspiration.

Check out these fun Facebook groups for rock painting!

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