Why You Should Sign Your Blog up for Share A Sale

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Why should I sign up for Share A Sale?
This is a big question that a lot of bloggers have prior to signing up as an affiliate on the Share A Sale network.  The easy answer for me is that it can help produce extra income for your blogging efforts and you can product test/review products from different merchants.

There are a lot of blogging opportunities with the various merchants that work with the Share A Sale network.  Each one of them has different incentives and those incentives can change throughout the year usually depending on the holiday or special sale that is being promoted. Blogging opportunities can include: 

  • Bonus paid posts; these can range in $5 to upwards of $20. 
  • Bonus payment for posting a banner on your site. 
  • Opportunities to test a product and review it on your blog in exchange for the sample product or payment for your completed review of the product.
  • Opportunities to enter and host contests and giveaways.  
  • Blogging referral bonuses, these are bonuses you earn from referring a fellow blogger.

Great way to earn extra income
Since I had a hard time getting my blog seen and the ads that I have implemented on it to generate some monetary value, I decided that I would try Share A Sale and within the first month, with very little effort at all I earned $100 plus got to test and review some awesome products.  Since signing up I’ve met some awesome bloggers and have continued to increase my income for my blog in ways that I really didn’t think existed.

You don’t even need to own your own domain to become approved  
This is what usually deters bloggers from signing up as an affiliate because they think that they need to own their own domain.  Some merchants will not approve you if you don’t own your domain, but you are not completely cut off from signing up and can’t still increase your income by having a free blog. (example: myblog.blogspot.com or myblog.weebly.com)

How do I get started?
All you need to do to get started is already have a blog established and sign up.

Don’t have a blog yet?
Don’t worry, setting up a blog is easy all you need to do is have a Google account.