Marilyn Monroe Suitcase

Revamping an Old Suitcase

Just purchased at the flea market
Inside is stripped
This is an up close shot of the inside. I used a permanent fabric glue to hold the material in place and let it dry 24 hours before proceeding to finish the other side
I was trying to get a general idea of the placement of the photos and how I would be arranging them. So I placed them on top of the case like this to get a better idea of how I wanted to proceed.

I recently finished a project for a friend, she wanted a large suitcase decorated with Marilyn Monroe pictures, but I had a deadline.  I had only 6 weeks to gather the materials, refinished the inside and outside and deliver the finished product because she planned on taking it with her on a cruise.  She needed a case large enough to fit at least seven days worth of clothing.  So I set out to find a suitcase!  I went to my favorite flea market in Jacksonville and was able to find one for very cheap and the inside had already been stripped out!  Having the inside already removed really saved me time once I got it home and began working on it.  I picked up some dark purple/plum colored corduroy material at a local craft store for the inside.  Once I got it home I set out to create a unique design that is one of a kind.

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