Dora the Explorer Chair Reupholstered

Reupholstering a Toddler Chair

I got this Dora rocker from a local thrift shop for $15 and my daughter has gotten plenty of use out of it. I considered throwing it away but thought I might be able to reupholster it instead. I, of course, took to Google to search and found this great tutorial. It’s not exactly the same structure as my chair but it was a perfect starting point for reference and instructions since I had no idea what to do.
Once I sat down with the chair I just started ripping, tearing and cutting the material off. Then there were the staples, so many of them!! Once they were finally removed I started cutting my material and just kind of went with what seemed like it would work. Then I ran out of material because I had a pretty small piece to start with and had to improvise on the back. I’ll hand sew some touch ups to the back piece and finish off with a little fabric glue to keep it secure.
I finished off the front of the arm-rests┬áby hand using a ladder stitch that gives it a nice finish. I got this project completed in 2 days which is great because my projects can take forever it seems, because of everything I dabble in. I’m glad to have been able to complete it and it looks so much better!