Old Luggage Turned Into Art

I am always looking for new and creative ways to turn old junk into something unique.  I like to frequent thrift shops and flea markets looking for items to give new life to.  I like to purchase old train/makeup cases, mostly made by the Samsonite Company.  They are usually very inexpensive to purchase sometimes as low as just a couple of dollars.  I always try to purchase ones that are in good condition and working order with no rust or indention to the outside case.  They usually have a hard outer shell and the inside will have a zipper pocket and in some instances a tray that fits on the top.  These boxes are great for storing loose items and miscellaneous things that you don't have storage for.  I love the classic and vintage look that they have and enjoy transforming them into artwork.

I began with the above case that I purchased for $5 at an area flea market.  It has working locks but unfortunately did not come with the keys.  I took the entire box apart so that the top and bottom were separated.  I spent some time on the computer gathering pictures off the internet that I liked and printed them onto regular copy paper.  All the pictures were printed in wallet size so that I could fit a variety of pictures on the case.  I spent what seemed like forever cutting and sorting the pictures afterward.  I also purchased a fleece zebra print material that I will use to line the inside of the case with.  After lining the inside of the case I began strategically gluing pictures to the case.  Once the entire case was covered I applied a few layers of decoupage and once that dried I then applied about 3 coats of spray on acrylic sealer.  It is best to allow the sealer to cure on the case for at least 7 days at room temperature.  Once the sealer has cured the pictures are safe from harm and the case is 100% usable.  Below is the finished product.  I was asked by a friend to transform this case for her as a present and this is the result.