O.R.G. Skincare: Mineral Peel Face Review

I received this product as part of my FabFitFun editor edition subscription box.

When I first received this product, I was a little perplexed on its application and use. It’s a fine spray that you use on to a dry face, let it absorb a minute or two, then gently wash it off.

I tried this while in the shower, mainly because I’m not coordinated enough to spray this on my face, while also not spraying myself in the eye. (I had a recent run-in with getting some bar soap in my eyes and was sure I was going to need an eye replacement, so I don’t trust myself. LOL!)

I sprayed in on my face, mostly my checks and forehead. After a minute or so I began to use the pads of my fingers in a circular motion to rinse it off. This product is so weird! It felt like little balls of my make up and dead skin was balling up and rolling off. I could feel the dirtiness of the day washing away as I continued. I finished up my shower and afterwards noticed that my skin felt clean and refreshed. Like a very slight exfoliation that didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or with red splotches.

The product recommends use every 3 – 4 days, because you don’t want to over exfoliate or cause your skin to become dry. I would personally recommend using this product at night, sometime before bed, with a light moisturizer to follow.

This product retails at $44.00 for their 2 ounce bottle and while that may seem a bit pricey, a little bit of this goes a long way. You’ll only need two – three squirts per use, so this should last the average user at least a 1 – 3 months depending on how frequently it is used. The best part is O.R.G. is so sure you’ll like this product, that they guarantee it for 30 days, don’t like it. Just

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