Mountain Dew Black, White, and Green Label Product Review

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Source: Amazon Review of Mountain Dew Label Series Variety Pack

Mountain Dew Black, White, and Green Label

As a product tester and reviewer in the Amazon Vine program, I get to try lots of new products being released on Amazon. For this particular product, I was provided with three new flavors of Mountain Dew to try.

Mountain Dew is constantly switching up their flavors, introducing new ones, and combining old ones.
You just never know what Mountain Dew will concoct next.
In this set of three flavors, Mountain Dew introduces their “label” series. White, Black, and Green Label sodas, not for your average consumer.
Overall, I didn’t really like all of the flavors. The White Label was the blandest flavor and most resembled a Sprite or 7Up type soda, but with more hints of grapefruit than lemon or lime. I probably would not purchase these if I were out and about shopping because I would just opt for the Sprite without caffeine. Not horrible, but not deliciously refreshing either.

My co-worker and I put these three flavors to the test to see which one we liked best. Check out our video below!

Interested in purchasing this set of three? Click the following link to be directed to Amazon where you can purchase this variety pack for yourself.