Label Daddy Saves Your Summer Clothes at Camp!

Most kids enjoy at least one week away from their parents during summer at a camp. No matter what the age group may be, they are bound to misplace a garment or shoe while they are away from mom. You know, moms can find literally anything, but without them to help at camp, Label Daddy saves the day just like mom would.

These super sticky labels come in various sizes, colors, and fonts and can be adhered to just about anything. As a test before summer started, I sent my middle child to daycare with one on the front of her shirt. When I picked her up, much later that day, I was very surprised to see that it was still in the same place I had put it. She was beaming and proud that she hadn't lost it, it did say her name after all.

These come in bulk, so you know you'll have enough of them to put on every piece of clothing you're sending them to camp with and rest assured that they will bring home all of their own stuff. These would also be great for during the regular school year if your child is participating in any sports or school teams. Usually, kids just throw their stuff in a pile, not realizing that they can easily lose their belongings.

Label Daddy labels allow you to identify your child's items in a way that isn't embarrassing to your child, hidden discreetly inside their shirt or inside their shoes. But, if your child is like mine, they'll be proud to wear their name on the outside of their shirt too, where everyone can read and see it.

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