How to Make Powdered Laundry Soap

I must admit that after a few months of making the liquid laundry soap I am a bit overwhelmed.  The entire process takes longer than I desire and it can get quite messy.  I am having an issue finding the time to shred, melt and combine all the ingredients and then store it with out making a complete mess and wasting a lot of it.  Since it makes so much at one time I have to put it into smaller containers for easier use and its just been a huge hassle.  I also like to take the easier route at times and if you get the same results then that’s just awesome.  Using the same ingredients as the liquid formula you can also make a powder formula that works just as well and doesn’t take nearly as much time and effort to make.

You will want to start by purchasing these three main ingredients; Borax, laundry bar soap (I use Fels-Naptha) and Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (NOT baking soda.) If you read my article on how to make Liquid Laundry Soap then you will see that I have left out white vinegar and tea tree oil for making this powdered formula.  As you can see below from the price on the shelf it is very inexpensive and will make quite a bit of detergent!

These prices are from my local Wal-Mart

I use the large plastic containers that are left over from either ice cream or from using the “off” brand of oxygen cleaner, which is usually a one gallon container, but you can use anything that is comfortable to you and suits your needs.

Something like this will work well

You will still need to shred the laundry bar soap, use which ever brand you like and depending on your area will depend on what is available.  I have also found that if you don’t have the laundry bar soap you can use regular bar soap as long as it isn’t a moisturizing soap.  You will want to shred the soap as fine as possible, if you have a food processor that would be ideal.  I suggest using 1-2 bars of shredded soap for a one gallon container.  I made three gallons of product and used about seven bars of shredded soap for my mixture.

Shredded Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap
Once you have shredded your bar soap, you will then want to add in the other powder ingredients, I add equal parts of each until my container is full.  One part borax, one part super washing soda and one part shredded laundry bar soap, additionally you can add in an equal part of oxy clean or store brand oxygen cleaner.  Mix them well, I find it is easy to just secure the lid and shake it until it is mixed thoroughly.
How to Use:
  1. Use about 1 – 2 tablespoons of the powder
  2. Fill washer with water (I have NO experience with front loading machines)
  3. Then add in your clothes
  4. Let it cycle until finished, add in fabric softener as usual
That’s it!  Wasn’t that simple?  It takes maybe 30 minutes to make and the longest thing to complete is shredding the bar soap.  This for me is SO much easier and faster and it works the exact same!
Look for my next article “How to make your own fabric softener” for more money-saving tips & tricks

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