Finding Meaning in Meeting New People

Featured Image Source: Unsplash; Jamie Taylor 

I believe that every person we meet is for a reason.

That reason may not be immediately evident, but with time, you’ll see that it wasn’t just a chance encounter.

Some people are meant to challenge you, encourage you, influence you, love you, understand you, question you, fulfill you, hold you, and simply just being there for you.

We are all on our own journey in life.

We are meant to meet many people throughout our lifetime.

We are all woven into the same tapestry, it’s how our threads cross that determine the meaningfulness of it.

Our threads may be crossed for many years, and then suddenly be cut short.

This is not the end to a friendship or relationship, but an opportunity for a new one.

People are not meant to be in your life forever, the impact they have on you, however, will remain until the end of time.

Take each moment, each opportunity and engulf yourself in it.

We are given a very short time on this amazing plane of existence and I think that we are meant to experience it together.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it, how you overcome it, how you seize it and make it into something purposeful.