Assorted Crayons

DIY Recycling Your Old Crayons

My daughter has about five of those plastic containers for pencils that are full of old crayons, new crayons, and broken unused crayons. I wanted to find a creative way for her to recycle the old ones and make new crayons. First I had her bring all the containers into the living room where we sorted out the crayons. We separated them first by which ones were whole crayons and which ones were broken. All the whole crayons got put back up for later use and we now had the tedious task of peeling the paper off the broken pieces. We sat for what seemed like an hour peeling the labels off these broken pieces, once we were half way through, the idea struck me that maybe we could have soaked them in some warm water to make the labels easier to peel off. I’m sure with newer crayons this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but geez she must have had these crayons her whole life! Once we had all of the labels removed from the crayons we then separated them by color.Crayon PaperHere you can see our large pile of labels we peeled off, some were easier than others, but since they were old, most of them were pretty difficult to remove. Before we were half way through removing them, my daughter was ready to quit and do something else. It got boring for her, but the mom in me forced her to stay and keep on peeling!broken and sorted crayonsIn this photo, you can see that we have separated the different colors into piles. After we did this, we broke the pieces down into smaller pieces, making them all just a little bigger than a pencil eraser would be. We then put them randomly into these molds. I had purchased these molds second hand under the impression that they were silicone molds. When we were done we put them in the oven to melt at around 175° (the lowest my oven could be set at). I checked them every 10 minutes and it took about 40 minutes total for them to melt completely.Molds for Making Crayons However, my molds were NOT silicone and they basically were ruined, I couldn’t even get some of the crayons out of the molds. So I had to trash four of these trays entirely, which put me at having only 1 usable tray of crayons.Heart Shaped Crayons Here we have our finished product.  All in all, it didn’t turn out quite the way I had expected it to, but my daughter was satisfied with the results and we enjoyed the time we had just goofing off while we brought it all together.  next time I think I will make sure I have the right kind of trays or will use some other sort of mold for this.