DIY Fabric Softener

A great alternative to using expensive store bought fabric softeners is to just make it yourself.  The easiest and cheapest way to do this is so simple it will knock your socks off and blow your skirt up!

What you need:
White Vinegar
Tap Water
Empty Gallon Jug/Container
Essential Oils for fragrance (if desired)

I buy white vinegar by the gallon and normally have an empty gallon on hand already.  I take the full gallon of vinegar and pour half of it into the empty container.  Then fill both jugs up with tap water.  Add in your favorite fragrance or essential oil.  During your normal cycle of washing, add in half a cup of the mixture and let the cycle finish.  Dry as you normally would.

I already have on hand several different fragrances and essential oils, but this is not a required step to actually soften your clothes.  The white vinegar is what does all the work, if you do not have any fragrance or essential oils, don’t worry that your clothing is going to smell like pickles because I promise it won’t.

Vinegar has so many uses and is a great natural alternative in so many things for your home.  You would be surprised to know all the great things you can use vinegar and many other natural cleaning remedies on in the home.  Check out this website for the many uses of vinegar.  The vinegar in this solution helps to decrease static cling and acts as a natural deodorizer and neutralizer for those really stinky clothes.  It has been known to make whites even whiter and for helping remove the “yellowing” effect that some tap water has on clothes.  Additionally, you can run an empty load in the washer with one full cup of vinegar to remove any oil and dirt residue that may be built up in your washer.

Where can I purchase Essential Oils and fragrances?

I live in a fairly rural area and would have to drive at least 40 minutes to an hour to get to the closest “big” city near me and let’s just face it, I would much rather order it online and have it delivered to my door instead of fight traffic to find a local store.  I purchased all my essential oils thru Amazon from this site Eden’s Garden and have been quite satisfied with what I have purchased.  I also purchased some fragrance oils commonly used in beauty products and soaps from another seller thru Amazon.  This is a link to their Amazon store but can also be searched on Amazon by name; Eternal Essence Oils and are rated 4.9 out of 5 stars.  Most of my purchases were discounted at my time of purchase, some oils even 50% off, so I was very excited about that.  There are many other vendors that sell quality oils so shop around before you make a final decision as this can become an expensive purchase.  However, if you do invest a bit of money into the oils, you will find that they are quite potent and will last a very long time if stored properly.