Dermablend Professional Cover Cream

Dermablend Professional Cover Cream Review

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I received the Dermablend Professional Cover Cream product as part of the Amazon Vine reviewing program. I like this product so much that I wanted to bring it over to my website and show my readers and viewers this product in use.

The color that I received is just a bit darker than I’d like, so I’ll probably go a shade lighter and maybe with less pink/red undertones. I’ve never used this product before so matching the shade can be tricky online. Dermablend is a L’Oréal product and contains an SPF of 30, which is higher than most drugstore makeup brands. Usually, an SPF of 15 is the highest you’ll get. That added protection is great for the long, hot, grueling summers here in Florida, where the sun is always bright.

This product is thick and you won’t need much of it to cover your entire face. It comes with a handy little scraper thing and seriously, you only need a little dab. Use the scraper to remove the product from the container, then you can put it on the back of your hand and use your blender to apply the product. If you do it this way, the Dermablend will heat up from your body heat and be easier to blend out. If you don’t do it this way, you can also use your fingertips to gently blend the product onto your skin.

In my case, I chose to add in a bit of E.L.F. Primer, which helped it smooth out evenly. I’d suggest mixing a little with primer or putting your primer on first, then the Dermablend. Since the product was a little dark, I applied an additional layer of foundation in the lightest shade available by Revlon Colorstay. Using the blender to blend it out and the shading issue was gone. Boom! Perfect color. The second time I used this product, I did a bit of mixing products prior to the actual application. Mixing my primer, the Dermablend, and my Revlon ColorStay all together in one shot made the application and end result flawless.

I was super impressed with the product as it stayed looking great all day, even through moments of extreme heat where I thought I might actually melt, my makeup did not and I didn’t get a sunburn! Wooohoooo!

Check out the video below of my full makeup application using the Dermablend product and more!

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