Chill Pal Cooling Towel

The Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel is such an innovative little towel that it makes it perfect for any use that makes you hot and sweaty.  From tending the garden to working out, this Sports Cooling Towel will keep you nice and cool!  The towel comes in a thick plastic container and is rolled up inside.  When I opened it, I expected it to be sort of small but was much larger than I anticipated, bigger than a kitchen hand towel.  Since it was larger I decided to improvise a little and cut it in half, so now I have two!  It makes it a little bit easier for me to use because I like to have it either rolled or folded around the back of my neck to keep me cool while working out in the garden.  Plus, if the hubs wants to use it we have an extra.

The towel itself is soft and really absorbent, it almost reminds me of one of those chamois cloths you use to soak up water.  Anyway, Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel is a must have for the summer.  It’s only April and where we live it’s already been in the 80’s to near 90’s, I can only imagine how hot the summer will be this year.  The cooling towel be make great use this summer while we are out and about and will be awesome for the kids if we decide to hit up the zoo or a theme park.