Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp 2017 Fleming Island, FL

Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp 2017

As a blogger with US Family Guides, I had the awesome opportunity of signing one of my children up for a week of free soccer camp with a coach from Challenger Sports. I initially signed my 3-year-old up for camp, but when the week for the camp came around, the fields were flooded from the recent rain, and no other kids had signed up for that week. Challenger Sports offered us make up timeĀ a for another week in July. Originally, I was only going to have one child attend the camp, but since we had to reschedule, my 5-year-old was now out of day care for the summer. It wouldn’t be fair for just one of them to attend, so I signed her up with her sister for a very reasonable $99.

Both girls received their own soccer ball and t-shirts, though the humidity and heat were a bit much for them, so they opted for tank tops on most of the days.

The camp was held at a local sports field known as the Plantation Sports Complex. On the first day, right before camp started, there was a family of deer that were making their way across the field in the dampness of the grass. The coaches were surprised and said how they’d never see that where they’re from. What a wonderful sight to see before starting their exercises.

An Awesome Coach!

Coach Tim was really awesome with the kids. He had a huge amount of patience, even when they would throw a tantrum or refuse to listen. There were only three kids in the class ages 3, 4, and 5. This made it a little easier for Coach Tim to interact with them as a group to teach them how to handle the soccer ball. What I really liked was that every lesson was a new game that they played, so they didn’t even realize it was a learning exercise. Making learning fun is really what it’s all about right?

While I did get to enjoy the first day of soccer camp with the girls, their dad is the one who really got to see their learning grow. From the first day being shy and wary of the games to the last day where they were fully involved, laughing and having a blast. It’s amazing to see your children learn and grow in new ways right before your eyes, I have Challenger Sports and US Family Guides to thank for this wonderful experience.

We can’t wait for next year’s summer camp, but while we do check out this video of my girls on their first day with Coach Tim!