College Reading

How to Beat the College Reading Blues

Top 3 Text to Speech Options to Make Reading Easier

As an online college student, I have a ton of reading material to cover each week. It can sometimes take literally, an entire day to complete the reading for one class. This is extremely daunting and since I work a full-time job, I wait until the weekend to complete everything. I really like to multi-task and sitting down to read for hours on end can make me sleepy and disinterested. I had to find something that would solve my reading blues.

Primarily, my reading material is all online. If you’re running Google Chrome, you can easily browse to Text to Speech (make sure to bookmark it). You can use this page to COPY > PASTE your reading material into the window pane and then click on SPEAK. It converts everything you copied into text and then reads it to you. Alternatively, you can also save documents to your Google Drive and the page will import them, then read them to you. This is my favorite way to have my text read to me because it works well. I can also use this on my mobile device, so if I wanted to drive while listening, I totally can! Saving me precious time with that I can spend with my family.

Another option is the line of NaturalReaders available from NaturalSoft. You can download the app on both iPhone and Android platforms, download it to your computer, or visit the website and COPY > PASTE your text into the window and then press PLAY. I use the Natural Reader 14 for Windows which is effective for my needs. It’s compatible with Word, PDF, and is totally FREE to download. The only downside I’ve found using this is that it constantly has a pop-up that asks if you want to purchase the paid version which for me is too pricey so I just deal with it. LOL, it doesn’t bother me enough to pay the full price. College is expensive enough as it is!

Text2Speech is also a quick an easy to use the option that allows you to COPY > PASTE your text into the field, 4000 characters max, and then save it as an MP3 file. This is great if you wanted to download all your reading material at one time and save them to your mobile device to listen to at your convenience. This site will even let you use the downloaded MP3 for commercial use. I would totally use this to read the notes section of a PowerPoint slide presentation since my kids are always noisy in the background.

These three options are very reliable and I use them all the time, so I know they are a tried and true method for text to speech functionality.